Prop 8. Really, California?

Okay, so you’re telling me Britney Spears can marry her buddy Jason Alexander as a goof and that is considered sacred.  However, George Takei marries his partner of 20 some years and that is not.

You’re gonna roll that back?

The divorce rate is fucking high.  That’s sacred?

Two people who love each other cannot get married if they have the same genitalia?

Fuck you.  It’s a simple as that.  FUCK YOU.

3 Responses to “Prop 8. Really, California?”


    Gay Tax Protest. These rallies and marches and petitions and chants and letters and phone calls are tiresome – and so far COMPLETELY INEFFECTIVE.

  2. prop8discussion Says:

    The response to marriage being weakened by divorce and an individualistic society is not to make it completely meaningless by extending the definition to make it genderless.

    gender matters. it especially matters in parenting.

    i voted for prop 8 because i see traditional marriage as our society’s ultimate expression of equality: it takes one woman and one man.

    i think this is important especially when it comes to parenting. as a woman, the issue of families and children is really important to me. it’s important to me that my state do everything it can to protect families.

    a mom and a dad create the best possible situation for children. the government has an interest in promoting and providing incentives for this situation.

  3. If the government was so interested in protecting families and children, why wouldn’t they stop people who have no maturity or financial backing from having children? Those children have to suffer because of poor parenting and the government does nothing to stop them from continuing to bring children into the world.

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